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Day time weddings are much more pleasant for grandparents and your elderly guests. They don't have to be concerned about having a late night and can go home at a reasonable hour. Meanwhile those who do want to continue with the celebrations can party on at a nightclub or elsewhere. If you are leaving early for your honeymoon you will have had the desired amount of sleep prior, of course that is if you don't continue on into the early hours of the morning elsewhere.

The styling is different to a night time wedding, especially when you hold your wedding reception in gardens. There are usually lawn games on offer to keep you and your guests entertained. While your wedding is set for the daytime it is likely that it will finish in the early evening with fairy lights making your wedding even more enchanting, giving you the best of both worlds.

If you love the idea of having a high tea as your wedding breakfast, then day weddings are also a great option. There are many choices that can be had for a day time wedding that are not typical for an afternoon / evening wedding.

What I love the most about day time weddings is you can go to town with your fashion, particularly with beautiful designer hats. Hats are not limited to the race days and are a perfect fashion addition to your day time wedding.

Will you be booking your day time wedding with Weddings at The Falls?